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This note has been designed to help answer questions raised by captains, coaches and managers ("Club Helpers") as an aid to the induction process for all volunteer and paid Club Helpers.

Pre season requirements

All Club Helpers must:

  1. be registered as members of the Club;
  2. have signed and returned the attached form agreeing to accept the role and comply with the associated requirements; and
  3. have been DBS checked. (Managers and coaches only)


All Club Helpers must be Club members.  Non playing Club Helpers get free Social membership.  Playing Club Helpers get half price membership.     Here is the full membership information

The register of members is on the Club website and registration and payment is all online.

Consent form

England Hockey have asked us to introduce a form to be signed by all Club Helpers on which they agree to carry out the role and agree to comply with the Club's policies.  Please sign the form and return it to the Club office.

Safeguarding checks

All managers and coaches working with children must be DBS checked.  Please provide the documents requested of you to Cindy Falconer (Club welfare officer) when asked to do so.

Use of website


Once registered as a member  please let our General manager or Jane Blake (Club website guru) know if you need to have permissions to use the website for specific purposes.

Most Club Helpers will be given the additional permissions  to use of the website to enable them to:

  1. make team selections;
  2. record results and file match reports;
  3. add photos to the gallery; and
  4. use the website email tool.


    Please add a picture of yourselves on the Club website so that members and parents can identify you. (Please check with a parent first if you are under 18.)

    Squad for the new season

    Every team squad has its own web page in the "Meet the Teams" section  of the website for example

    Unless the squad captain, coach or manager has already amended it the page will be out of date.  Please read the page for your squad and then let either Peter Kempe or Harriet Chere (Membership secretary) know what needs to be updated.

    Squad members

    All current colt members have been assigned  to the right age group squads for the new season based on their registered dates of birth.  Adult squads may still reflect last year's players.

    Please let Jane Blake or Peter Kempe know where you think changes are required.

    Picking teams and reporting results


    All your teams fixtures will be entered on the website by Rachel Paddon (ladies) or Jane Blake. All the fixtures will  be listed on the "Selections" page on the website  as well as in the fixtures card.

    To select the team, press the "Schedule" tab at the top of the webpage and then "Match Selections"  on the left.  Then find your fixture and click it.  All your squad will be listed. 

    Tick the names of the players to be selected.  If a player has noted in their profile that they won’t be available on this date, there will be a ‘No’ in the ‘Available’ column. (Please encourage players to use the ‘omissions’ feature to record upcoming absences.)

    You can use the ‘Wider Selection’ button to choose players from other squads, if needs be, but don’t forget to click the green ‘Add to selection’ button at the bottom of the pop-up window. When your selections are complete, click the ‘Update’ button.

    You can then use the ‘Notify Selections’ button to generate an email containing selection links (and any match details recorded) to all the players. The player or player's parents should then click either the ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ link.  When you revisit this match selection, you can see at a glance, who has accepted, who declined, and who needs to be sent a reminder. (If you use the ‘Send reminders’ feature, only those who have not so far responded will be reminded.)

    If you want to follow up by email or telephone please do (subject to data protection-see below) but please use the website as the primary selection tool so that there is consistency across the Club.

    You may also find the ‘Print team sheet’ facility.

    Reporting (following Selection)

    After the match click "Match Records", and select the match in question.  You just enter the result, scorers, those carded and the man of the match.  You can also add match reports.

    You can use the ‘Player Records’ and ‘Last Minute Selections’ buttons to add any players who added on at the last minute, or remove ones who didn’t turn up.

    All that information is then stored centrally and the Club has a record of who played et cetera and, for example can also  run "Top Scorer" and other reports as well. 

    The result will appear on the front page of the website  and on your team’s page.

    (If you did not use the selection and reporting tool then you would need to submit a separate paper report of results and who had played each Saturday and Harriet Chere would need to receive that and enter the information separately).


    There is a Photo Gallery page for each team on the websitePlease add pictures.

    New members and Eligibility 

    If you have any new starters please refer them to the membership information on the website  Please  provide either Harriet Chere or John Wright  with the player's name, date of birth and email address then we can add him/her as a member and ask him/her to register.  Nobody must of course play unless and until they are registered.  .  It is not just a breach of competition rules but a real safeguarding issue. Anyone who is not a member will not be subject to the Club's insurance and please simply must not be selected or allowed to play whatever the circumstances.

    If in any doubt who is a member please look at the list of members on the website or ask Harriet Chere. 

    Data Protection

  5. With the new Data Protection legislation it is very important that Club Helpers  do not use personal data other than in accordance with the Club's  privacy policy.  Please therefore avoid (in so far as possible) keeping personal data on your phone or home computer.  Please just use the website as much as possible.  It is not always possible but we obviously do not want personal details kept where they cannot be deleted once a player leaves.

The privacy policy is on the "Policies" page of the website

All of the other policies (including Safeguarding, Code of Conduct, Colts playing adult hockey, Expectations) are also on that page.

If you are taking over from another Club Helper  please ask them for the information they had and ask them then to delete it from their personal devices.  Use the information on the website which members have provided with their explicit consent rather than what was held previously unless members specifically agree otherwise.   

Website training

If you are in any doubt about how to use the website please speak to Jane Blake who has volunteered to give demonstrations to those who are  using the website for the first  time and those who would like a refresher course.    

Training and coaching

Please liaise with Lee Ible or Miranda Baldwin (adults) Chris Gladman, Jay Fox and John Wright (colts) and Jamie Oxley (mini section) on all aspects of coaching.

Day to day help

Please ask John Wright for help on anything related to the use of pitches, the clubhouse or other administrative issues.

Thank you and please

Thank you for volunteering.  The Club could not function without its volunteers.

Please work closely with other Club Helpers and do not be tempted to "do your own thing". Please familiarise yourself with the Club policies in particular the Club Expectations policy which starts:

"Our club has a long history of inclusivity, support and camaraderie.  We are one club (not a series of individual teams) and that ethos is core to our identity and success."

Please instil that in all your players and BeMorePurple.





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