Governance and club roles

The Club is currently looking for;

(a) a Discipline Officer;

(b) an Honorary Club Secretary; and

(c) an Honorary Treasurer.

Please see the schedule to this note which describes the roles.

Please let Phillip Wheater know if you are interested in volunteering for those roles or any other roles.

This note itself explains the structure of the Club and explains who does what.


Old Loughtonians Hockey Club Limited (the “Club”) is a company limited by guarantee. It has no shareholders. Each member agrees to guarantee the obligations of the Club up to £1.00.

Board of Directors

The business of the Club is managed by the directors of the Club (“Directors”) who are advised by a management committee formed of elected officers of the Club (“ManCom”).

The current Directors are Cindy Falconer, Richard Higgins  and Phillip Wheater.

There should always be one Director from both the Ladies section and Men’s section of the Club. Directors are appointed by the Members by ordinary resolution (majority vote). The Directors are statutory officers of the Club.

The other statutory officer is the company secretary. That role is performed by the Honorary Club Secretary.


The Directors delegate the conduct of routine business of the Club to ManCom. Unless otherwise agreed by the Directors, the ManCom members are:

(a) the Honorary President (currently Richard Higgins);

(b) the Chairman (currently Phillip Wheater);

(c) the Honorary Club Secretary (previouslyJane Blake who retired at the AGM);

(d) the Honorary Treasurer (previously  Tom Stumbke who retired at the AGM);

(e) the Chairman of Playing and Coaching;

(f) the Ladies Club Captain (currently Sam Gayler);

(g) the Men’s Club Captain (currently Elliott Smith);

(h) the Membership Secretary (currently Harriet Chere); and

(i) the Communications Officer (currently Jamie Oxley has), as well as

(j) such other Member(s) as the Directors agree in writing known as “Co-opted Members”. There are currently 2 Co-opted Members, Jay Fox (who is able to advise on Colt and Mini issues in particular) and Peter Kempe (who was asked to continue on ManCom following his stint as Membership Secretary to assist the Chairman on issues such as corporate governance).

Directors and ManCom members (other than Co-opted Members) are elected and re-elected annually by the Members. All of these roles are set out in the Club’s articles of association (the “Articles”) which govern the Club. There are also a number of other key roles which Members volunteer to help with and which are set out in the Articles namely;

(a) the Club Welfare Officer (Cindy Falconer);

(b) the Discipline Officer (formerly James Browne and to be filled);

(c) the Men’s Fixtures Secretary (Gerry Smith);

(d) the Ladies Fixtures Secretary (Rachel Paddon);

(e) the Men’s Team Secretary (Nigel Creswell);

(f) the Ladies Team Secretary (Jane Blake);

(g) the Social Secretary(ies) (to be filled); and

(h) the Umpires Secretary (Ian Padfield).

The Directors appoint all of these officers. They are not elected by the Members.

Team captains and managers are appointed by ManCom unless there is more than one volunteer in which case the Members vote.


The Directors and ManCom can (and do) delegate some matters to sub-committees for specific help, for example the Centenary Committee, Fundraising Committee and House and Grounds Maintenance Committee as well as selection committees and related playing and coaching committees.

Additional Roles

The Directors can also appoint individual Members to take on roles not covered by the Articles as well as appointing paid staff to carry out certain functions. The Directors are planning to appoint John Reynolds as House and Grounds Officer primarily to oversee the redevelopment of the Clubhouse.

Further details of all these volunteer roles are set out in the schedule to this note.

The full time paid roles (in addition to coaching appointments) are currently:

(a) Bar Manager; (Chris Row);

(b) General Manager (John Wright); and

(c) Groundsman (Lester McKenzie).

The Club also employs kitchen staff and bar staff and engages external cleaners.

The Schedule

This schedule gives some guidance on the scope of the Club roles.

(a) The Bar Manager;

The Bar Manger is responsible for the day to day management of the bar in the clubhouse including ordering and selling stock and manning the bar.

(b) The Chairman;

The Chairman acts as chairman of meetings of the Members, Directors and ManCom and is primarily responsible for overseeing the management of the running of the activities if the Club, supervising staff and co-ordinating the development of the Club. Further details of the role are set out in this note [PW to produce]

(c) The Communications Officer;

Distributing results and match reports

Advertising and promoting fixtures, tournaments and functions

Seeking press coverage eg Ilford Recorder Targeted recruitment initiatives

Giving exposure to our sponsors and enticing new sponsors

Helping sponsors and contacts to promote the club

Using social media to promote what the club is doing and plans to do Posting video footage and pictures.

Adding articles and things of interest to the club website.

Facilitating the interactive use of the club website.

Helping members BeMorePurple.

(d) The Co-Opted Members;

Co-opted Members are appointed to serve on ManCom by the Directors and to assist with specific matters as requested by the Directors;

(e) The Discipline Officer;

The Discipline Officer is responsible for all aspects of Member discipline and for dealing with leagues and regulatory bodies on behalf of the Club in relation to disciplinary breaches.

(f) The General Manager;

These are the roles delegated to the General Manager to administer.

Act as day to day club office manager and administration manager.

Management of all Club facilities including pitch & hall bookings and their staffing.

Management of buildings & staff. Management and administration of membership records & payments.

Management and monitoring of Club contracts with suppliers and customers and service providers.

Preparation and dissemination of 'Hockey Headlines' and other Club and external media communications.

Registration of teams and players to leagues, cups and tournaments.

Organisation and co-ordination of fixtures, changing room allocations & communications to captains/managers and coaches and umpires for matches.

Sage system input, banking, reconciliation and VAT returns and other tax and accounting related information for Club accounts.

Preparation and checking of staff worksheets, cover arrangements and holidays.

Staff payroll and cheques. Marketing of facilities.

Liaison with local press and other media.

Liaison with UK Sport, local authorities, England, East and Essex hockey and leagues.

Development of external funding streams including sponsorship.

Representation of the Club in the wider hockey community.

Development of links with schools, societies, other clubs and hockey related businesses.

(g) The Groundsman;

The Groundsman lives on site and is responsible for the day to day upkeep of both the clubhouse and the pitches as caretaker and groundsman.

(h) The House and Grounds Officer;

PW to complete

(i) The Ladies Club Captain;

The Ladies Captain is responsible for the co-ordination of the Ladies section and works with the captains, coaches and managers and umpires to deal with all playing, selection and related matters. She is a member of ManCom and liaises between the captains and managers and ManCom;

(j) The Ladies Fixtures Secretary;

The role of Ladies Fixtures Secretary involves working with the Mens Fixtures Secretaryand the general Manager to determine home pitch allocations at the beginning of the season. fixtures at the beginning of the  It involves supporting team captains with confirming fixtures and anyrearranged fixtures by contacting the relevant people in other clubs as well as league and tournament secretaries.

(k) The Ladies Team Secretary;

The role has primarily involved the registration of playing members with the Essex Ladies League as well as administering the ladies shirt numbers;

(l) The Membership Secretary;

This note  describes the key aspects of the Membership Secretary's role as well as explaining the distinction between strategic role of the membership secretary and the administrative role of the general manager.

(m) The Men’s Club Captain;

The Men’s Captain is responsible for the co-ordination of the Men’s section and works with the captains, coaches and managers and umpires to deal with all playing, selection and related matters. He is a member of ManCom and liaises between the captains and managers and ManCom;

(n) The Men’s Fixtures Secretary;

The Men's Fixtures Secretary overseas all men's league fixtures at the beginning of the season and assists with game scheduling and anomolies.  Subsequently throughout the season, the Fixtures Secretary will often be the first point of contact with other clubs to confirmfixture timing and changes and for any problems arising.  He will deal with postponements and sorting out the rearrangement of fixtures. The role  involves contacting other clubs as well as league and tournament secretaries;

(o) The Men's Team Secretary;

The Men's Team Secretary works with the Men's Team Captain and the Director of Coaching and is responsible for the overall performance of the men's section and has the specific role of working with captains. coaches and managers to co-ordinate the developmenof players and their progression through the club's teams.  He is also responsible for the development and performance of indoor hockey;

(p) The Honorary President;

The role of President is an Honorary role. The President is a Director of the Club as well as a member of ManCom. The President represents the Club at hockey events and hosts events at the Club.

(q) The Chairman of Playing and Coaching;

This paid role involves responsibility for the hiring of coaches and the management of the coaching structure as well as direct coaching. It also covers the co-ordination of player recruitment and player performance.

(r) The Honorary Club Secretary;

The Club Secretary is the company secretary with responsibility for the upkeep of the Club’s statutory registers and Companies House records. The Club Secretary sets the agenda for meetings of the Directors, Members and ManCom and records the business conducted at meetings. 

(s) The Social Secretary(ies);

Social Secretaries are responsible for social events and functions on behalf of Members;

(t) The Honorary Treasurer;

The treasurer is a Director of the Club and a member of ManCom. He is responsible for the finances of the Club, the production of budgets, management accounts and statutory accounts as well as overseeing the income and expenditure of the Club and approving payments administered by the General/Office Manager. This note covers the role in more detail. TS to produce.

(u) The Umpires Secretary;

The Umpires Secretary is responsible for arranging for umpires to be available for all teams as well as the recruitment, training and development of new umpires on behalf of the Club.

(v) The Vice Chairman; This is a purely honorary title with no specific responsibilities and intended to designate a Co-opted Member without portfolio as an officer of the Club when representing the Club. The Vice chairman primarily supports the work of the Chairman.

(w) The Web-Site co-ordinator;

The Web-site co-ordinator works with the Communications Officer and ManCom members to keep the Club website uptodate, relevant and interesting. Specific updating responsibilities are delegated to the General Manager and volunteers; and

(x) The Club Welfare Officer;

This safeguarding role is vitally important for the club. Please see the Safeguarding page for more information.


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